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The following contains Akalabeth Monster Data based on increasing difficulty:


Name Picture
(Orig. Apple II)
Hitpoints Damage Special Abilities Approximate initially appear on % Level
Skeleton SkeletonAkalabethAppleII.png SkeletonAkalabethDOS.png -- Level One
Thief ThiefAkalabethAppleII.png ThiefAkalabethDOS.png Steals money and food! Level One
Giant Rat GiantRatAkalabethAppleII.png GiantRatAkalabethDOS.png -- Level Two
Orc OrcAkalabethAppleII.png OrcAkalabethDOS.png -- Level Three
Viper ViperAkalabethAppleII.png -- Level Four
Carrion Crawler CarrionCrawlerAkalabethAppleII.png -- Level Five
Gremlin GremlinAkalabethAppleII.png Steals 1/2 of your food. Level Six
Mimic MimicAkalabethAppleII.png They are disguised as chests. Only to be discovered if you step on them. Level Seven
Daemon DaemonAkalabethAppleII.png -- Level Eight
Balron/ Balrog BalrogAkalabethAppleII.png In the original game, the last monster on the need-to-kill list is called "Balrog", exactly like the demonic monsters from Lord of the Rings, and unlike the later name for the monster in the Ultima games, Balron. Level Nine

Quest-Related Opponents[edit]

Wisdom determines which monster is used on a Quest. The lower Wisdom the main player has the weaker the monster used for the Quest is.

Bestiary Data
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