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This page will list the various release versions of Ultima Forever, and note any changes.

Version          Notes/Changes
May 22, 2013
Initial version for Canadian soft release

Official Release Notes[1]

For the best game game experience we recommend playing on an iPad 2, iPod 5, iPhone 4S or higher.

WELCOME BACK, AVATAR! The definitive RPG series is back and better than ever on mobile. Join in epic adventures with hundreds of fellow players now!

**This is a highly detailed game of superior quality. Please make sure you have at least 1.85GB of free space on your device for installation.**

Ultima Forever™: Quest for the Avatar is EA Mythic’s new free online, multiplayer, action role playing game (RPG). Embark on epic online adventures with friends and begin your quest to defeat The Black Weep and become the Avatar of Renown.

The faceless plague of The Black Weep is creeping across the world and corrupting its inhabitants. Britannia needs heroes like you to find a cure and stop the spread of the endless dark. Will you heed the call?

Form parties with up to 3 other heroes and venture into challenging dungeons. Slay your enemies and stop The Black Weep in fast-paced co-op action combat.

Delve into an epic saga as you fight terrible foes, meet the people of Britannia, and travel across a vast open world. Immerse yourself in hundreds of hours of heroic quests and dungeon exploration.

Great danger is not without its benefits. Discover rare items and treasures to enhance your equipment and abilities. Seek out epic gear to build the perfect hero.

As you quest, you’ll have to make tough decisions, so choose wisely – there could be consequences.

Ready to become the Avatar of Renown? Experience the definitive RPG now!

Need help with Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar? Please visit

“Like” us on Facebook for the latest Ultima Forever news: or

Users with Retina iPad devices will automatically download a high resolution graphics patch when first launching the game after install.

This game is not supported on the following devices:

  • iPhone® 4
  • iPod touch® 4th Generation

If you have any questions regarding supported devices, please visit our FAQs page:

For more information, please visit:
The Ultima Forever website:
EA Mythic’s website:

Jun 24, 2013

Official Release Notes[2]

Take your hero to new heights – and increase their popularity with the locals – in our first update.

Check out these new features:

  • Economy Balance – Item repair costs have been reduced and chest prices updated to reflect the quality and quantity of items received
  • New Reputation Levels – See how you rank in 50 reputation levels per town! Existing players will automatically scale to the new curve
  • Fast Travel – Quickly make your way across Britannia with bronze keys
  • Improved Balance – Level curves have been improved, making higher levels more accessible
  • Interface Improvements – New item color coding system makes it easier to identify superior items

We’ve also made some behind-the-scenes improvements to server and game stability, memory issues, client performance, and load times. Plus, we’ve addressed the content blocking issues which prevented players from progressing, and fixed the “Repair All” function.

Thank you for playing Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar!

Full Patch Notes[3]


  • Economy Balance – Item repair costs have been reduced and chest prices updated to reflect the quality and quantity of items received.
  • New Reputation Levels – See how you rank in 50 reputation levels per town! Existing players will automatically scale to the new curve.
  • Improved Balance – Level curves have been improved, making higher levels more accessible.
  • Fast Travel – Quickly make your way across Britannia with bronze keys.
  • Interface Improvements – New item color coding system makes it easier to identify superior items.
  • Touchy-Feely – We made a pass on all the smaller buttons on the iPhone version to make them easier to tap. Tap away!

Bug Fixes

  • Made a number of changes to the servers and back-end processes to ensure stability.
  • Made changes to how the client will handle error messages and prevent crashes in rare error cases.
  • Made adjustments to how the client handles memory to prevent build-up and prevent crashes with repeated logins.
  • Optimized how we deal with particle systems and reticle effects to improve client performance and help prevent client crashes.
  • Fixed the Repair all function to properly discount the cost from if you repaired items individually.
  • Fixed an issue where having an ability selected before the ability tutorial opened would cause the window to block progression.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a friend during the grouping tutorial caused the friend context menu to stay open. Also fixed an issue to prevent the auto group tutorial from appearing over the social menu.
  • Group leader icon will now update properly if the leader changes.
  • If a user’s device is full when opening the game, the app will note this and advise the player accordingly.
  • Fixed a rare issue that could occur while patching.
  • Fixed an issue where the level up window could incorrectly appear twice if a player levels up.
  • Fixed audio for level up so that it doesn’t go to everyone in zone and only the intended player.
  • Tweaked the teleport effect to ensure it looks better and more teleportery.
  • Fixed an issue where logging out from inactivity while the offerwall was up could block the user from logging back in.
  • Zoning will automatically close the map now to prevent issues with the UI.
  • Tweaked the item comparison algorithm to ensure it takes all stats into context properly.
  • Fixed a typo in the credits.
  • Music will properly play in Yew.
  • Fixed an issue where players who exited while talking to Darrel in the Castle Sewers could be blocked. This was a rare issue and was fixed earlier via hotfix.
  • Fixed two quests in Paws to ensure you can get them at any point in the game if you haven’t done them previously.
Jul 3, 2013

In-Game Patch[4]

Bronze to Silver Key conversion rate modified from 15->5 to 18->6

Jul 12, 2013

Official Release Notes[5]

The latest updates to Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar includes improved client performance and new features, highlights include:

  • Insta-buy health potions are now cheaper. We’ve also increased the number of health potions that drop from chests
  • Repair system interface improvements: it’s now easier to keep track of your equipment status and see how much each item costs to repair and quickly fix your favorite items
  • Made adjustments and optimizations resulting in a smaller game size

We’ve also made a number of improvements to server and game stability, memory issues, client performance, and load times.

Full Patch Notes


  • Get in quicker! - We’ve changed the login page so that if you are returning to the game via Facebook, it will display account information and last character played.
  • File size reduced – We’ve combed over the files and tweaked how we store some of them to make it so the game is smaller to download and takes less room when installed.
  • Did you know? – The gold key option in chests guarantees you get two items, one of which is at least Rare or better. We didn’t really call that out, so now we have.
  • Does not compute – Along with fixing a good number of issues that could lead to errors, we’ve also made the error messages more informative and human sounding. This way, if something does happen it can lead you to finding out how to fix it. I’ll give you a hint; most things can be fixed with a good old-fashioned retry.
  • Learn at your own pace – We’ve added a new save point into the tutorial progress when you enter the ruins off the initial clearing. We’re continuing to look at how to make saving here better while ensuring that if you come back, you haven’t missed or forgotten any important information.
  • What’s my name? – Want us to pick your name for you? Get ideas for a good name from our random name generator. Remember all characters on the account will take this name and it’s permanent, so be sure you like it!
  • Repair interface improvement –It’s now easier to see what repair costs are at any given time and easier to just repair a single item if you prefer.
  • Healing potion improvements – Lowered the cost of healing potions. We’ve also upped the number of potions that drop from chests.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug that was preventing stats from updating properly when leveling. All characters will be updated when they login to reflect the proper values.
  • Made some fixes and tweaks to pathing to make movement through doors or tight corridors feel more natural.
  • The whole screen no longer goes red when you are hit and the proper edge texture is displayed.
  • Made additional fixes to the client to reduce memory usage and prevent crashes.
  • We’ve updated the free keys offer section in the store to check for earned keys more often as some offers can take a while to process and reward the keys.
  • Added a message to the airship sequence calling out that you can skip that cinematic if you chose to by clicking anywhere during the flight.
  • Patched Retina graphics and data are flagged to not backup, preventing them from being sent to iCloud.
  • Fixed a few NPC’s conversation portraits to match their in game appearance.
  • The chat box no longer allows chat to be entered past the limit for the box.
  • Fixed an issue where the group member tracking arrows would be frozen if group members zoned.
  • Open item windows are now closed automatically when the application goes AFK and logs out while in the background state, preventing an issue where those windows became stuck for a time.
  • Postmaster Darren no longer attempts to give a quest that doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed an extremely rare issue where zoning in a certain sequence could crash the client.
  • The repair icon on the character portrait will no longer blink if items in vanity slots are broken since they don’t affect stats. Also, Vanity items will no longer appear broken if slotted in vanity slots.
  • Patching music will now play only if the game needs to patch something.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the application went to the background.
  • Fixed a conversation blocker in the Mantra of Compassion which is part of the Quest for the Avatar.
  • Fixed an issue with Necromancer Roric in the Barrowgrove boss encounter.
  • Fixed a rare case where the tentacles in the first part of the Britain Sewers would sometimes not clear and blocked progress.
  • Changed the lightboxing for the damaged item and repair portion of the tutorial to make it easier to note input is required.
  • Female mages now animate properly when praying at a shrine or pushing items around on the map.
  • The graphics for the 'Five Candles Thwarted' tarot card will now display properly if received as part of daily login.
  • We’ve adjusted the key drop rates from chests so that you receive as least as much as spent on the chest if keys are chosen as a reward.
Jul 17, 2013

In-Game Patch[6]

Daily Rewards updated to provide additional silver keys

Jul 24, 2013

In-Game Patch[7]

A bit of news and happy tidings for you tonight, concerning a few things we've just pushed to the live game a short time ago:

  • As a Thank You for participating in our Soft Launch, we've (for a LIMITED time!) fairly significantly increased the number of gold keys that are obtained when purchasing the Keg of Gold Keys. Normally, you'd get 160 gold keys for $19.99. For a brief time, however, you'll get 400 gold keys for that price! Be sure to get yours soon, while supplies last!
  • A set of four vanity items have been introduced: Safari Hats! Each of the 4 hats is fashioned from the likeness of a different animal, and can be (randomly) obtained using gold keys on town chests (not a guaranteed "drop"). Keep in mind that these items don't provide any stat bonuses; they just look cool! You'll be the envy of all your friends throughout Britannia!
  • Finally, another positive tweak has been made to key drop rates. You should notice an up-tick in the rate you acquire bronze keys upon defeating your enemies!
Jul 31, 2013

In-Game Patch[8]

A few hotfix notes to share with you all, that have been pushed to the Live servers today:

  • The "Limited Time Only" Keg of Gold Keys offer that was previously implemented (Jul 24) has come to an end. The Keg of Gold Keys once again awards 160 gold keys when purchased. Hopefully, you all managed to stock up!
  • For any of you that missed out on the above opportunity, here's a new one for you: with this hotfix, we've (again, for a LIMITED time!) increased the number of gold keys that are obtained when purchasing the Satchel of Gold Keys. Normally, the Satchel provides 70 gold keys for $9.99. For a brief time, however, you'll get 150 gold keys for that price! As before, be sure to get yours soon, while supplies last!
  • The safari hats (also implemented in our last hotfix on Jul 24) are no longer available via the city/town chests. If you weren't able to obtain one while they were available, fret not... it's possible that they might make a reappearance sometime in the future.
  • We've made some adjustments to Shrine Bonuses:
    - Boost Values have been increased to 25% (from 5%)
    - Boost Duration has been increased to 1 hour (from 30 minutes)
    - As a result of this change, the Justice Shrine cool-down has been increased to 2 hours
Aug 1, 2013

Official Release Notes[9]

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar’s latest update features significant performance optimizations. The changes made will improve gameplay experience on all currently supported devices, but will be most noticeable on the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation) and iPad mini. Highlights include:
Graphics optimizations:

  • Improved frame rate and performance while navigating the game world
  • Better camera handling for more fluid character movement
  • Optimized user interface (UI) elements to improve responsiveness (particularly with inventory)
  • Smoother in-game cinematics, notably during the airship sequence

Audio optimizations:

  • Added HDR Audio and tweaked settings for headphones
  • Lowered resources needed for audio to improve game performance overall while still providing same high fidelity audio experience.
Aug 7, 2013

In-Game Patch

Unspecified patch, presumably to address last minute items before launch.

Aug 9, 2013

In-Game Patch[10]

A few fixes have gone Live this afternoon, in an attempt to address some of the crash, lag and performance issues that have come to our attention since yesterday's launch. This likely won't fix all the scenarios that have been reported, but it's our hope that several of them will be addressed with these fixes:

  • We've reduced the population cap for social instances to reduce client lag/latency, hopefully reducing some crashing.
  • We've implemented a few fixes for some players who were getting stuck in the Tutorial.
  • We've identified an issue where players would sometimes get a black screen upon zoning, becoming stuck in the process. This has been addressed with this hotfix.

There's one more fix that should be going live tomorrow morning:

  • Regarding the Folly at Folley quest (where it is necessary to interact with the Battered Keg): previously, it was not possible to advance this portion of the Quest for the Avatar line until your character reached level 5. Once the fix goes live, it will now be possible to interact with the keg at level 4.
Aug 13, 2013

In-Game Patch[11]

The update that we pushed yesterday was 'kindasorta' related to the hotfix we pushed previously, to address some of the population-related crashes in certain social instances/dungeons.

Specifically, we moved one of the first quandary triggers in the sewers (the spider one) further away from the entrance. We did the same with one of the first social triggers/popups that reminds everyone how much fun it is to play with your friends!

We're continuing to monitor the situation in an effort to find and fix other crash-inducing scenarios. We know they're out there, and we're working on getting them fixed as quickly as possible.

Aug 15, 2013

In-Game Patch[12]

Hi there everyone, here's the info on our fixes in the latest patch this afternoon:

  • The Coy Mistress quest should no longer be incorrectly repeatable. If you've already done it, you shouldn't be able to do it again. If you currently have the quest for the second time, please abandon it.
  • We've fixed the quests in Paws to now display their correct level range. While this may mean some are just out of your reach at level 4, you should be able to complete the other freeform quests and even run through Luckless again to get to level 5.
  • The Folly at Folley quest (with the Battered Keg) was also changed back to be level 5, which is more in line with the original design.
  • Lastly, we did some more work on the audio system to resolve some bugs that may have cause your sound to be muted.

Feel free to post in the Bug Reports section if you have any problem. Thanks all!

Aug 16, 2013

In-Game Patch[13]

We apologize for the issue some of you have faced with the patcher since the update and we really do appreciate the information you provided and overall patience with us.

We believe we may have resolved the patching error. Unfortunately, to do this, we needed to revert some of the recent changes (audio fixes).

It may take more than one try to get the patcher to grab the correct data, but if your problem persists after a couple of attempts, please let us know.

Aug 19, 2013

Official Release Notes[14]

Hail Avatars –

We’re continuing to make improvements to optimize your gameplay experience. In our latest update, we’ve implemented changes that reduce some crashes, specifically when loading into social zones (i.e., cities, main map game world, etc.).

We’ve also made a few housekeeping changes to the game client which include ensuring that iTunes properly reflects all languages in which the game is available (English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, and Russian), as well as ensuring that the proper build version is displayed.

As always, we appreciate your patience and support.

Happy adventuring!

Aug 23, 2013

In-Game Patch[15]

As discussed previously here on the forums (originally in this thread), we're implementing a trial run this weekend for discounted repair costs for worn gear, as detailed below:


Rarity 1 pip 2 pips 3 pips 4 pips 5 pips 6 pips 7 pips 8 pips 9 pips 10 pips
Common 1S 2S - - - - - - - -
Uncommon 1S 2S 3S 4S - - - - - -
Rare 2S 3S 5S 7S 8S 10S - - - -
Epic 3S 5S 7S 8S 9S 10S 11S 15S 17S 20S


Rarity 1 pip 2 pips 3 pips 4 pips 5 pips 6 pips 7 pips 8 pips 9 pips 10 pips
Common 1S 2S - - - - - - - -
Uncommon 1S 2S 3S 4S - - - - - -
Rare 1S 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S - - - -
Epic 1S 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S 7S 8S 9S 10S

In essence, this means that each pip (individual 'hit point' for gear) of damage will cost 1 silver to repair.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Be sure to test these changes out when you get a chance!

Aug 30, 2013

In-Game Patch[16]

This afternoon, we pushed the following hotfix item (another "Trial run/we'll be monitoring the impact item) to the live game:

During the course of combat, individual gear items will take damage (lose pips) less frequently. As a result, gear repair shouldn't be as necessary as often!

As always, please provide feedback about your experience(s) with these changes.

Have a great weekend, everyone! (And to our US players, Happy Labor Day weekend!)

Oct 11, 2013

In-Game Patch[17]

Happy Friday, everyone!

As some of you have noticed this afternoon, we've pushed some new data onto the Live Servers.

Unfortunately, this isn't the much-anticipated Live Update #1 that everyone (including us!) is waiting for.

The content in today's push incorporates some Halloween-themed Vanity items. These items may be obtained (on a random basis, of course) by using Gold Keys on City/Town chests ONLY.

Oct 29, 2013

Official Release Notes[18]


  • Fighter Options – Fighters now have a full complement of options: 10 male and 10 female looks! We had to delay our female Fighter past launch slightly, but we hope you find her worth the wait. And don’t worry, we’ve even added in a free way to edit your existing class and change their look, for free! At the character select screen, there is an Edit button beneath your character portrait. This will allow players to change both their portrait, as well as the in-game avatar.
  • Game Center – We’ve added Game Center integration! This means that players using Game Center can now play their Guest account on multiple devices. But wait, that’s not all! We’ve also added Leaderboards for all of the 15-minute dungeons. Now you can track your scores against yourself, your friends, or the world and compete for the number one spot!
  • Item Donation – Instead of deleting old or unwanted items, players can now convert them into donations that can be turned in to the local Friar in any town. Donations will grant players a bit of virtue, as well as reputation for the town to which they donate.
  • Boss Loot! We’ve added special chests to most dungeons, so that upon completion, players may raid the Boss’ chest for some very special loot, and better chances at great gear!
  • Boost Cards – To aid in using boost cards, we’ve changed the sorting method so that they are now sorted by rarity in players’ inventories. As well, when players "Auto" equip at the beginning of a dungeon, boost cards are automatically applied. Lastly, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that players can now have more than one of the same type of boost card equipped in a loadout.
  • Skip it? – We’ve added a Skip button to most cinematics in the game. Now, you can get right to the action, if you want… or enjoy the story; it’s up to you! When in groups, however, it’s up to a group vote.
  • What’s New? – Sometimes, we like to change things up during the week, or highlight some new additions to the game. The "What’s New" screen has been added as part of the Daily Login flow, so that players will be aware of all the latest and greatest events in Britannia. It will also keep you informed about what your friends are up to.
  • Peeking isn’t Cheating – Don’t just take our word for it that the loot you can get in Chests is great. We’ve added in a new "peek" feature to chests that will give you an example of an item that’s available in that chest. PLEASE NOTE: It doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive that item, but it gives you an idea of what you could find waiting within!
  • Better with Friends! Now that you’ve got free keys from using Facebook login, why not invite some friends to share in the fun? You can now invite Facebook friends from the social menu, so you’ll never have to adventure alone. Plus, it now takes fewer dungeons completed with friends to achieve the friend reward of added reputation.
  • Scoreboard – Along with the addition of Leaderboards via Game Center, we’ve improved how your score is displayed and communicated to you upon dungeon completion. You’ll not only get more information about what went into your score, but better communication about when you’ve beaten your previous best.
  • Reputation Rewards – Now you’ll get a reward (keys) every time you level up in Reputation. Who doesn’t like free stuff?
  • Explore the World – As you go forth and adventure in the world of Britannia, you’ll now be rewarded (more keys) when you encounter new areas. Places you haven’t yet visited will be marked as "NEW!" to provide a visual clue as to where to explore next.
  • The Reputation tab has been moved to the Quest window on the menu. It also now lists which dungeons will help increase reputation with that town.
  • Level Display – We’ve added functionality that displays each character’s level next to their names (above their heads), so that it’s easier to identify which other characters are at or near your level. Additionally, names of other players are now color-coded (similar to item rarity), relative to your own.
  • Ultimate Cooldown – If patience isn’t your virtue, you can now fire off an Ultimate at any time if you want to sacrifice a key. Plus, we’ve added in a new tutorial for Ultimates, when players unlock them at level 10.
  • Bubble Chat – Chat from other players now display in bubbles above their head in the world, making it easier to see when people are talking, and what they are saying. This option can be turned off via a new option on the Ignore tab.
  • Where do I go now? – now display information about where they can be returned, and to whom. Also, collection quests now indicate the rarity of items needed for completion. This can help determine which keys to use to open dungeon chests, as players seek to acquire collection quest items.
  • Repair Everything – We’ve added the ability for players to repair everything in their backpack at once, rather than just what they have equipped. This can be done via a new button we’ve placed on the backpack screen.
  • iOS 7 Support – In addition to Game Center integration, we’ve made some changes in both our previous and current versions to assist players who upgrade to iOS 7. Please note, however, that Guest accounts are NOT consistent across devices and installs. We highly recommend using Facebook login to ensure that progress and/or purchases are not lost if you need to change devices, or need to reinstall the game and are currently using Guest accounts. Alternatively, players using Guest account access can enable Game Center and use it with the new version.


  • More Dungeons!!! Seek out the new challenges that await you in three thrilling new dungeons highlighting some rarely-seen parts of the game. Get lost in the Bog Spire... Brave the pirates of Smuggler’s Harbor... or Venture deep into the King’s Wood...
  • Luckless Keep is now accessible at level 3.
  • We’ve added a number of freeform quests to supplement existing towns and dungeons.
  • New chests will begin appearing soon; keep an eye out for them!
  • In towns, we’ve added additional conversation cues for audio.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved performance by optimizing character skins.
  • Using the 'Repair All' button will now update stats on items immediately, fixing an issue where the client would previously not reflect the new values until after exiting a dungeon.
  • Vanity items will no longer display as 'broken' due to not have inherent durability.
  • The Fez hat vanity item will now actually appear as a Fez hat, as intended.
  • Fixed an area in the tutorial that could allow a persistent player to access areas behind walls, causing them to get stuck.
  • Re-enabled Guest accounts for iOS 7 in response to its launch.
  • Fixed an issue preventing an encounter room from progressing if players bring external enemies into the room.
  • Fixed graphical oddities in Minoc Mine, Poisonwood, Britain Stronghold, and Barrowgrove.
  • Fixed a number of free-form quests for various locations.
  • Fixed an issue with the Axe Throw ability that would allow it to bypass collision. It will now properly obey collision with game objects. It will also display its Cooldown properly when using a Cooldown reduction boost card.
  • Fixed an issue with the Man Stalker and Pirate Stalker Achievements.
  • Fixed an issue where improper audio was playing in some cases when turning in quest items.
  • Fixed an issue where audio from learning Mantras and using Shrines would cut out for a short time, in addition to being played for all users nearby.
  • Fixed an issue where audio from other players could be broadcast erroneously to nearby players. (Note: part of this was fixed in an interim patch)
  • The Banshee’s shriek ability visual indicator for where it will hit has been increased to better match where it will hit.
  • Fixed a misleading puzzle element in Britain Sewers and in Noxious Tunnels.
  • Fixed a number of typos or text-related issues in various conversations.
  • Removed the 'Send' button beside the text entry box in chat windows, since depressing Enter/Return when done with chat will accomplish the same thing.
  • Adjusted chest animations so that chests do not appear to drop and then close from an open state. They now appear closed from the start, as intended. Additionally, chests should now appear in their actual current state, if a player leaves the game and returns.
  • Reduced collision in some zones to make character movement easier.
  • NPCs will no longer remain green if players drag their finger over them during a conversation and are done speaking with them.
  • We’ve removed the character information button from the character select screen, as this was intended for viewing during character creation only.
  • Adjusted health bar on a few monsters to make them display at the proper height.
  • Users will no longer see a badge indicating new chat is available, if the chat was filtered via the ignore list.
  • Adjusted how Boss combat works to allow for more variation and to allow players to obtain critical strikes.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when hitting the back button on character select, or when selecting Decline on the agreement window.
  • Players will no longer get stuck if they receive the Daily Login Reward window at the same time they receive the Map Tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Add Friends button would cause taps to register on the wrong friend in the social window until it was closed and reopened.
  • The client will no longer crash if a home interrupt is used during the airship sequence.
  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial where standing in a certain location would cause the Tutorial to freeze, and not continue.
  • Fixed a few quests that were showing that they were available at a certain level, but were not. Also fixed a few issues with random quests to ensure progress continues and confusion is avoided.
  • Fixed logo on the login screen to properly display on all languages and in proper language for supported localization.
  • Fixed an issue where the scoreboard would not display Virtue gain if the player leveled while doing so.
  • UI elements will no longer remain semi-transparent after the corresponding Tutorial section is complete.
  • Fixed display of card bonus pop-ups on the scoreboard upon dungeon completion.
  • Group invitation windows will no longer 'gray out' if received while inspecting an item.
  • Reduced the timer after combat to display any damage to items. This doesn’t affect how damage is done, just when the notification for damage that occurred will show.
  • Weapons with visual effects will continue to display the effect if they are unequipped, and then reequipped, in the same play session.
Nov 20, 2013

Official Release Notes[19]


  • Changes to Gear Damage: Worn items will no longer be degraded as a result of combat damage! Instead, gear has a chance to be damaged only upon player death. So do your best to stay alive!
  • New Respawn Options: When you die, you now have the following choices: for a small Gold Key cost, you may respawn at your current location with no damage to your gear; or you may respawn for free at your last checkpoint, risking item damage.
  • Combat Rebalanced: Monster difficulty has been re-tuned, higher-level monsters are now more dangerous. As a result, you’ll want to pay closer attention to your Dungeon Loadout rating, and remember the benefits of grouping up with other players!
  • Healing Potions: Monsters now drop healing potions in addition to Keys and healing pickups. Due to this change, healing potions no longer drop from chests.
  • Better Freeform Quests: Many freeform quests are now automatically granted if you obtain the related quest item, and are not already on the associated quest.
  • Level 14 Made Easier: The total Virtue required to get through level 14 is now drastically reduced. Many level 14 players will find themselves at level 15 with their next Virtue gain. Please note that no Virtue was lost as a result of this change; any Virtue previously earned in level 14 will contribute towards capping out level 15.
  • Boss Chest: Purchasing the boss chest now also grants an appropriate Rare freeform quest item.
  • Limited Time Offers: During the Tutorial, players will be offered a one-time discounted purchase of Keys.
  • Friends Notifications: Receive a center-screen message when your friends log into the game.
  • Rarity Stars: Not all equipment was created equal. When considering what equipment to wear, you’ll now see an item rating - in addition to rarity - represented by a star rating. The more stars, the better the item is.
  • Improved Audio Performance: Additional tweaks to the audio system have been made to further improve game performance.
  • Easier to login using Facebook: Ultima Forever now uses the Facebook iOS SDK making it much easier to authenticate and log in with Facebook.


  • Infinite Dungeons: Visit one of three new infinite dungeons: The Vault of Fear, The Vault of Lies or the Vault of Hate. Open to players level 5 or higher. Infinite means infinite – these Vaults never end, and get progressively more difficult the further you go! The Vaults reward players with special vanity sets that provide protection against all monsters in Britannia! Track your success in each of the Vaults with Leaderboards. How far can you get before dying?
  • Don’t be Influenced: New setting available to suppress Virtue tags in moral quandary conversations so you can truly go your own way.
  • Item Store: The item store makes its debut! Open the Key store and switch to the Items tab to find potions, cards, vanity gear and limited time offers available for direct Key purchase.
  • New Specialty Chests: All multiplayer puzzle-gated chests in each dungeon have been replaced with a special chest that grants one more guaranteed item per key type!
  • New Card – Reputation Gain: ‘The Hermit’ and ‘The Lover’ cards have returned as +10% Reputation Gain and +25% Reputation Gain bonuses from dungeon completion.
  • New Card – Death Recovery: When equipped, ‘The Gypsy’ card has a chance to immediately revive the player at 25% of their maximum health instead of dying.

Bug Fixes and Minor Features

  • Age gate has been added to the game; users who are underage will not have access to Chat and other social features.
  • All Boost Cards now sort properly by rarity level.
  • Fixed an issue with equipment stat display if a piece of equipment was broken while the equipment dialog window was up.
  • Tapping on an ability slot will now always close all open HUD menus.
  • Having an item break when the vanity equipment slots are showing in the gear sheet will no longer display repair buttons.
  • When entering a dungeon, the worn equipment tab will always display by default, instead of the vanity tab displaying in some circumstances.
  • The group leave audio will no longer play on the loading screen when logging in.
  • Ranged attacks by monsters will now check collision with objects better.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple iOS alerts would overlap each other.
  • Reworked audio interrupt handing so device music and game music should more seamlessly start and stop when appropriate.
  • When a friend logs on, the user will now be badged in the friends list.
  • Fixed an issue where cards would not auto equip correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a slow client would get disconnected sometimes when loading into an area.
  • Fixed an issue where logging in with Game Center could freeze the game client.
  • Fix for getting disconnected when hitting the back button during character creation.
  • Fixed an issue where potions could be used after dying to a trap.
  • Fixed a crash when exiting the app during patching.
  • Fixed an issue where other players could be seen walking on water or through walls.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would become unresponsive after swipe/pan touch events.
  • Manually equipping cards during dungeon load out will now update the dungeon difficulty rating.
  • Stats on the character sheet will now be colored red if an item has been damaged and has caused a loss of that stat.
  • Clicking a red colored stat on the character sheet will visually pulse the damaged item(s) responsible for the stat loss.
  • Fixed an issue where closed HUD screens could still be interacted with in some situations.
  • Added new settings window, moved the option to disable/enable overhead chat bubbles into new settings window.
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial could get stuck when tapping the tutorial chests rapidly.
  • Cards with Death Recovery, Bonus Score, Item Break Reduction and Cooldown Reduction are now prevented from stacking on the dungeon equip window. For these types of cards, it is now only possible to equip one at a time..
  • Fix for character create issue where portrait chosen would not be the one assigned to the player.
  • Fixed an issue in the Tutorial where the equip item sequence could break, preventing the Tutorial from being completed.
  • Fixed a crash when the game was in the background and no servers are available to log into.
  • Fixed an issue where pushable objects would show push arrow options that weren’t actually possible.
  • Fix for an issue where the boss loot window would allow players to open the boss loot chest even if they didn’t have enough inventory space available for the boss loot they would earn.
  • Fix for an issue where vanity items would appear to be broken when they were not.
  • Fixed a crash when the game is interrupted during video playback.
  • Fixed an exploit in challenge rooms that allowed damage to be avoided.
  • Fixed an issue when logging out during a specific point in the Tutorial could cause the Tutorial to break.
  • Fixed an issue where if players are logged out while an item dialogue is up, it caused an item dialogue to appear on top of the login screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dungeon Flee button would sometimes not appear.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Tutorial to break during the Reputation portion of the Tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash when the dungeon scoreboard was left up when sending the app to the background.
  • Fixed hair clipping issues with some helmets.
  • Fixed an issue in Mount Greatcrag where a wall would disappear when destroyed, instead of crumbling.
  • Fixed an issue in Mount Greatcrag where players could get stuck while using jump abilities.
  • Fixed an issue in Smuggler’s Harbour that would limit the distance players could see monsters at.
  • Fixed issue with text display for vanity items on iPhones.
  • Fixed a localization issue with the Repair All button in some languages.
  • Fixed issue with music events not firing properly in Scalewood.
  • Fixed an issue in Scalewood where players could get stuck when the gate open cinematic plays.
  • Fixed inventory display issue on iPhone 5, 5s and 5c.
  • Fixed an issue with the location the Jhelom moongate teleports the player to.
  • Fixed a sorting issue with icon rarity and stack counts.
  • Fixed an issue where skipping a cinematic with Lady British could result in a black screen when leaving the throne room.
  • Fix for some inventory items missing icons.
  • Fixed an issue with weapon VFX not displaying for female mages.
  • Fix for Timber Trouble quest in Paws where it cannot be completed if players level beyond the quest while working towards completing the quest.
  • Fixed an issue that could break the Tutorial if the tentacles are attacked more than once.
  • Fixed an issue where Baron Elyl in Bog Spire could attack players during his opening cinematic.
  • Fixed an issue with the multiplayer chests in Scalewood sometimes not functioning correctly
  • Fixed issues with Scalewood boss encounters
Dec 19, 2013

In-Game Patch[20]

This evening, a new version (1.6.56) of the game was made available on the App Store, whereby Leaderboards are now inclusive of character progress in the Vaults of Fear, Lies and Hate!

Additionally, separate from the abovementioned client update, we've made available new Winter Vanity items (chest and headpiece)! As with previous Vanity items, these are available in Town Chests, so check them out! Each class and gender has a unique set.

We've also made a few minor tweaks to potions, health orbs, vault difficulty and some monster abilities:

  • Drop rates for potions and green health orbs have been reduced
  • Monster damage within the Vaults has been increased per completed floor
  • The following NPCs have had the usage of some of their abilities capped: Lich lords, Madcap Morel, and the Slime King

And finally, a handful of bug fixes:

  • Some erroneous error messaging (when grouped) have been fixed in the Vault of Lies
  • A Tutorial progression blocker that prevented some players from continuing/completing the Tutorial was identified and removed
Feb 18, 2014

Official Release Notes[21]


  • Become an Avatar! – Lady British will now guide players on how to become an Avatar. Those that have completed “The Silver Horn” quest line should return to her to begin the journey.
  • Avatar Mastery Levels – Perfect your understanding of what it means to be an Avatar by completing Avatar Mastery Levels. Raising your Avatar Mastery Level grants permanent player stat gains, new achievements, new equipment sets and more! Can you collect all eight Virtue Armor sets?


  • Moonglow – Dillon, Charles and Harmony in Moonglow now offer Freeform quests for level 14 and 15 players seeking Honesty Virtue and Moonglow reputation.
  • Fixed an issue where quests requiring a town reputation level of 50 would not advance properly once a player obtained reputation level 50. Players currently stuck in this situation will need to gain reputation towards that town one more time to advance the quest properly.
  • The Stars and The Sun Cards now improve the chance that an item’s rarity is upgraded instead of a chance to drop an additional higher rarity item. This change will result in a greater chance for higher rarity items to drop when using these cards.
  • Changed disconnect and group behavior in the vaults – groups will be unable to begin a new floor until all link dead members have logged back in or been kicked from the group. This change is to prevent a number of vault progression issues.
  • Tutorial windows will now be hidden when a cinematic begins and reappear after the cinematic has ended.
  • The Ultimate Ability button will be disabled if the Ultimate Ability is on cool down and the user doesn’t have enough keys to clear the cool down.
  • A popup message now appears when a user receives keys from the offer wall.
  • Players may only have one stack of Health Potions now. If a player currently has more than one stack they will retain their potions but be unable to add new potions to extra stacks.
  • Defensive Cards of the same type can no longer be stacked. Only one card of each defense type (defense, physical defense or magical defense) can be used during a dungeon run.

Bug Fixes and Minor Features

  • Ethereal Vanity Items have been renamed from Ethereal to Invisible
  • Fixed an issue where key chests would not drop in particular room layouts inside the vaults
  • Fixed issue with Keeper of Truth not accepting 10 runes after all armor had been gathered
  • Which vault floor a player is on should be accurately reflected when returning from being link dead
  • Fixed multiple issues where destroyed objects wouldn’t appear correctly on screen if they were destroyed while off-screen
  • Female Vault Gear names are now translated properly
  • Fixed translation issue with What’s New Window
  • Fixed translation issue with Invisible Vanity items
  • Fixed issue with quest icons not displaying on Vault of Fear map information
  • Fix for item compare arrows sometimes not working when inspecting an empty item slot
  • Fixed an issue where the map could get stuck overlapping the screen
  • Items with reputation requirements will now display properly when inspected from the Dungeon Scoreboard
  • All open UI windows should now automatically close when the user is returned to the login screen
  • The error message received when an item action fails due to an item’s stack count being full has been made more clear
  • Friendly player context menu will now be closed when the map is opened
  • Fixed formatting and word wrapping issues with the What’s New window
  • When a group invitation times out the group number will no longer be printed in the timeout message
  • Fixed an issue where the character sheet would show card boosts twice after starting a dungeon
  • Fixed an overlap between available keys and the equipment tab when the game is in German of French
  • Fixed an issue where dying in a vault while the scoreboard is up could put the UI in a bad state
  • Fixed the display of the vault floor number in Russian, Korean and Japanese
  • Fix for multiple server crashes and memory leaks
  • Fixed an issue where logging into Facebook after an app update would fail
  • Fixed an issue where item rarity stars will no longer display erroneously when destroying items
  • Fixed an issue where the Ultimate Ability tutorial could cause the chat tab to disappear until the client was restarted
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the player to attempt to use the Ultimate Ability while dead
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Ultimate Ability to fire mistakenly when opening the Abilities tab
  • Fixed an issue where the server and client could get out of sync in regards to which ability slots were locked, unlocked or rented
  • At level 15 characters will now continue to see virtue gains in overhead text
  • Players will no longer have the option to buy healing potions on the respawn screen if purchasing the potions would exceed the potion stack limit
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the client to crash when entering the dungeon after buying or renting an ability slot
  • Group invitations will be automatically declined once the dungeon ready button has been pressed
Feb 18, 2014

Important Sunset Announcement[22]

Strangers, Seekers and Avatars all,

While the past year has certainly been quite the adventure – in Britannia and beyond! – that adventure is now drawing to a close, as the time has come for us to say goodbye. As of Aug 29th 2014 (11:00 AM EDT), Ultima Forever will be shutting down its online services, and will no longer be available to play.

This was a very difficult decision for us to make. We’ve seen the game through ups and downs, and hope that you’ve enjoyed playing it every bit as much as we had making it! Through it all, it’s been players like you who’ve made it all worthwhile.

To thank everyone for their loyalty and support, for our last month of live operations, the following changes will be made to the game:

  • Significantly boosted Virtue and Reputation rewards
  • Equipment degradation to be disabled (no damage to worn/equipped items)
  • Increased drop rate of Gold keys
  • The in-game store will no longer sell premium currency (Silver and Gold keys)

We invite you to visit our Facebook page to share your favorite game memories with us. We’d love to hear from you:From Lady British, the Gypsy, and all the other citizens of Ultima Forever’s Britannia: Thank you for your time spent in our world; we’re going to miss you very much!

Remember and uphold the Virtues, always!
- The Ultima Forever Team


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