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Requirements / Platforms[edit]

  • Apple iPad
  • PCs (Desktops/Laptops) after launch
  • Android support after launch
  • Internet connection


In an interview with IGN, Jeff Skalski, the Ultima Franchise Producer, stated:
"It is an online RPG adventure game at its core, so we just made sure when it came to controls, interface design, and combat pacing that we first thought of the touch consumer and then how would that play best with a more traditional experience such as a keyboard and mouse. These conversations happened in parallel and will continue as we continue to grow and build out Ultima Forever.

Online/Multi-Player Groups[edit]

  • Groups are limited to four players
  • Multiplayer gameplay is co-operative at this time.


  • You can play with people playing on either platform.
  • You can play on either platform without any problems.