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The following will describe the quests in Ultima Forever that are not part of the main Avatar Quest series.

Passage of Avatars (Level 1)[edit]

Castle Britannia Sewers (Level 2)[edit]

Luckless Keep (Level 4)[edit]

High Hills (Level 5)[edit]

Barrowgrove (Level 6)[edit]

Gaunt Keep (Level 7)[edit]

Goblin Ambush (Level 8)[edit]

Luckless Bandits (Level 9)[edit]

Woods of Woe (Level 9)[edit]

Scalewood (Level 10)[edit]

Mount Tenax (Level 11)[edit]

Britain Sewers (Level 12)[edit]

Undead Rising (Level 12)[edit]

Mount Greatcrag (Level 13)[edit]