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The following page will contain information about equipment.

Finding Equipment[edit]

Equipment can be found by opening Treasure Chests, which can be found in each town or dungeon. The quality of the equipment found depends on the Keys used to open the chest.

Item Tiers[edit]

Each piece of equipment has a Rarity. This classification determines its relative Stats. For example, a Common item may only have a low bonus to each stat, but an Epic item will have massive bonuses to each.

The tier of item received when opening a chest depends on the Keys used.

Equipping Items[edit]

The Equipment screen

Each class has its own set of equipable gear; a Fighter cannot use a Mage's robes, nor a Mage use a Fighter's axe. When opening a Treasure Chest, only items usable by your class can be found.

Loadout and Clothing[edit]

There are two types of gear that can be obtained: actual armor and weapons, and vanity gear. Actual equipment provide increases to the chracter's Stats when equipped in one of the five Loadout spaces in the Inventory. You can also choose to place an item in the Clothing space for its type, which will cause your character to display that item as equipped regardless of the actual gear used but no longer gain the stats imparted by the item. This allows players to continue using an item who's appearance they like, but gain the benefit of another item's stats.

The second type of item is vanity gear, which can only be equipped in the Clothing space and generally provides no benefit to the characters stats.

Note that Quest Items and Tarot Cards can also be carried and used by characters.


Basic items are usable without meeting any requirements, but some are associated with Virtues. An item’s name will indicate its color, which are associated with specific Virtues, and each Virtue is associated with a different town. The color of the equipment item indicates what Reputation will be required to use it:[1]

Armour Set Colour Virtue Reputation
Midnight Black Humility Cove
Celestial Blue Honesty Moonglow
Sylvan Green Justice Yew
Radiant Orange Sacrifice Minoc
Royal Purple Honour Trinsic
Noble Red Valour Jhelom
Winter White Spirituality Skara Brae
Gilded Yellow Compassion Britain

Characters will be unable to equip an Uncommon virtue item if they do not meet the Reputation requirement.

Damage and Repair[edit]

If you are killed in a dungeon, and choose to revise at the last checkpoint, equipment will become damaged. Damaged equipment can be repaired by spending Silver of Gold Keys. Alternatively, you can simply replace a damaged piece of equipment with new equipment found while adventuring. In a pinch, you can even do without any equipment at all! While you can still adventure, the amount of damage you can deal, your hit points, and your other Stats will be much lower than if you had fully repaired equipment on.

Equipment Lists[edit]

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